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I have a great idea: I am going to work this summer.  Not get a job, but create a bunch of content.  I know many of you are saying, “Well we all work during the summer.”  But I am a teacher and I have a couple of months off to do what I please, at least more of what I please.  So I think I am going to put it to good use.

I am going to do the following: Continue Reading…

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I did it! I ran my half marathon on Saturday and reached my goal.  I had set a goal to run the 13.1 miles in under two hours.  Now that is not a fast time, but for an “older” guy who has never run that far in a competitive environment, it was pretty darn good for me.  I had trained for over three months, I was dedicated to running this race, but was concerned too.

You see I had trained for a marathon years before and hurt my knee only three weeks away from day.  It was devastating.  All that training down the drain.  Even though it was only a half, I still had some serious concerns:

  • I was concerned about not finishing: did that
  • I was concerned about getting hurt: that didn’t happen.
  • I was concerned about not finishing my training: that didn’t happen.
  • I was concerned about not getting into the race (I forgot to sign up and was told the race was closed, but somehow was allowed to run): that didn’t happen.

I overcame these obstacles and others to run the race, finish the race and be under my goal.  My official time was 1:55:46 and I was ecstatic!  It was great to be able to say I ran a half marathon.  But it is even more satisfying to say that I sacrificed by all of my training hours, eating right and actually following through and reaching my goal.

Sometimes in life we need success in one part to jump start us in other parts of our lives.  We all too often put work, what we do, as the number one priority and without success in that part of our lives, we deem ourselves failures.  But what about the other parts of your life that are even more important:

  • Faith
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Health
  • Social Time
  • Personal Growth

By setting a goal, working on the goal and accomplishing that goal in one part of my life, it will spill over to the other areas of my life, including work.  Our purpose in this life can never be one dimensional. Lately I have been frustrated with my work and church, my training gave me a positive outlet for my frustrations and a way to channel my energy in a positive way.

I would encourage you to do the same, it may not be a half marathon or even running.  It could be a new group at church, building a stone wall around your house, planning a big outing with you family or a hundred other things.  Find something that will give you a purpose in one of those big areas of life, your will be glad you did.




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It is hard to achieve anything without commitment.  You can want something very badly or say your purpose is for that thing, but without the commitment to act on it, you will never achieve it.  Often things sound good, I want to lose ten pounds, but saying it don’t make it so.  You must commit to acting upon it to achieve it.

If you read my previous post you may know that I am doing a “Radical Experiment” through my youth group at church.  We read the book Radical and doing the challenge at the end of the book.  You can read about it here. We had nine of us wanting to get “radical” but most have not followed through with the commitment it takes to get radical.  The idea is great and potentially life-changing, but it takes commitment to see results.  It is like a workout regimen, unless you commit to doing it even when you don’t feel like it, Continue Reading…








I talked about my goals for the summer and my plans in podcast #7.  Well here they are:

Summer Goals

  • 3 camping trips
    • Ft. Davis
    • South Llano
    • Guadalupe Park
  • Golf – Teach
    • 20 rounds
    • 10 with boys
    • 5 with girls
  • Reading
    • Tribes
    • Leaving Ruin
    • Teach like a Champion
    • Crush it
    • Platform
    • Halftime
    • Graceful
    • Poke the Box
    • Patriots Guide to American History
    • Rework
    • The Art of Noncomformity
    • EntreLeadership
    • Margin
    • Thou Shall Prosper
  • Learn to make wordpress themes
  • Learn to make apps
  • Organize Photos
  • Reengage with 3 friends
    • Friend #1
    • Friend #2
    • Friend #3
Created with

And if you notice, I took this right from my workflowy site.  The site is so simple and easy to use, go to and check it out!  It is fantastic!

Let me know how you plan to use your summer by leaving a comment below.





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