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This past week my wife and I were having a, well, discussion.  It lasted for a few days.  Actually there was no discussion because we both were disgusted with the other.  As is our want, we finally came back together with a note written.  My wife was the first to write me (I am too stubborn I have been told).  I reciprocated.  I was not very happy when I read her note.  She dared criticized me, can you believe it.

After I got over my righteous indignation I came away realizing she was correct.  In a nutshell, she told me I am too serious and don’t take the time to have fun.  I got to thinking about this and I realized she was right (as she normally is).  I don’t, we don’t, take the time to have fun.  You see I am a school teacher and a part-time youth pastor.  I am busy!  I don’t have time for all of this frivolous stuff we call fun Continue Reading…


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This is my dog Arizona, the big one! R.I.P. girl.  Here is a link to the tribute I wrote to her on my personal blog.


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