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I did it! I ran my half marathon on Saturday and reached my goal.  I had set a goal to run the 13.1 miles in under two hours.  Now that is not a fast time, but for an “older” guy who has never run that far in a competitive environment, it was pretty darn good for me.  I had trained for over three months, I was dedicated to running this race, but was concerned too.

You see I had trained for a marathon years before and hurt my knee only three weeks away from day.  It was devastating.  All that training down the drain.  Even though it was only a half, I still had some serious concerns:

  • I was concerned about not finishing: did that
  • I was concerned about getting hurt: that didn’t happen.
  • I was concerned about not finishing my training: that didn’t happen.
  • I was concerned about not getting into the race (I forgot to sign up and was told the race was closed, but somehow was allowed to run): that didn’t happen.

I overcame these obstacles and others to run the race, finish the race and be under my goal.  My official time was 1:55:46 and I was ecstatic!  It was great to be able to say I ran a half marathon.  But it is even more satisfying to say that I sacrificed by all of my training hours, eating right and actually following through and reaching my goal.

Sometimes in life we need success in one part to jump start us in other parts of our lives.  We all too often put work, what we do, as the number one priority and without success in that part of our lives, we deem ourselves failures.  But what about the other parts of your life that are even more important:

  • Faith
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Health
  • Social Time
  • Personal Growth

By setting a goal, working on the goal and accomplishing that goal in one part of my life, it will spill over to the other areas of my life, including work.  Our purpose in this life can never be one dimensional. Lately I have been frustrated with my work and church, my training gave me a positive outlet for my frustrations and a way to channel my energy in a positive way.

I would encourage you to do the same, it may not be a half marathon or even running.  It could be a new group at church, building a stone wall around your house, planning a big outing with you family or a hundred other things.  Find something that will give you a purpose in one of those big areas of life, your will be glad you did.



The Time is Now!

March 29, 2013 — Leave a comment











My big day is upon me.  Tomorrow I will run my first half-marathon.  Which is one of the reasons I haven’t podcasted very much or posted very much in the last few weeks.  I have been training for this event.  I have run the miles that I need to run to be able to run tomorrow and meet the goal I have set.

I have discovered that training for a marathon is a metaphor for success in life.  Life is about training in many ways, often when you don’t even realize it.  You are training when you are in school for your life.  Many of us didn’t realize at the time, but ever though we didn’t think we would use algebra later in life, we would use the discipline it would take to pass our class in real life.  In life we need the discipline of homework (doing the work), the tests (to check and see how we are doing) and the report cards (accountability) to keep us moving forward.

I have been thinking about these things as I have been running.  Why am I training?  Why can’t I just show up and do it? The answer is obvious to those who run.  We would die!  And so it is with much of life, we need to train ourselves to be successful later in our lives.  I need to do my miles on those afternoons when I don’t want to run.  I need to do my miles on those mornings when it would be better to remain in bed.  But still I trudge on becasue I know I won’t be ready if I don’t.

Training for my half has taught me much in dedication and passion.  Without both, you won’t have stomach to see it through.  And without purpose the dedication and passion will fall short too.  I am running with the purpose to finish under two hours to see if I can.  Why?  Because I am dedicated to health, to being there for my family later in life and to see if I still have what it takes.

I will let you know if i reached my goal of under two hours.  But no matter what, I have succeeded by doing the work and showing up each day, with purpose.  Talk with you later, until then, peace.

I have three books on my coffee table right now.  I plan to read each one to find more purpose in my life. Each is one that represents three of the four core areas of life:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Spiritual
The three books are:

Well, maybe the Dave Ramsey book isn’t directly related to and area, but it is a sub area. After all the area of finances is what drives most Americans.  After all, we spend four years in college to earn a degree to earn some money.  And most of don’t handle it very well once we get it.  This book teaches us how to handle money better, so I am re-reading it.

As for the other two books: Radical and Body For Life, are books that deal directly with Spiritual and Physical realms of life.  I did the Body for Life years ago and had remarkable results.  I am not feeling great physically, so I think it is time to jump start my system.  I took my blood pressure tonight, and it is too high.  I have gained some weight and it is time to get serious.

As for the book Radical, well I started reading it and quit, why?  Too challenging to me at the time.  I am in a dry place, spiritually speaking, so it is time to shake up my spiritual system too.

Where are you in these areas of your life?  Could you use a jump start?  Find a book, a system or create your own and shake it up.  If you don’t do it for yourself no one else will.  So here I go, I am eager to see what the future brings.  Come with me and see what you can do to change your life and gain more purpose in your life.

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