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This week on Purposefulu:

We are heading in a new direction here at Purposefulu.  A little shorter length and fewer segments.

I celebrated a birthday last week and turned the ripe old age of 48.  I process where I am and where I am heading.  I set some goals, here they are.
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I start on three new books to “jump start” my life. Here is the blog post I wrote earlier about these three books.
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I am starting a new way of handling money and how you can do the same. Here is a link to some great free financial forms.
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Our youth group is reading the book Radical and following some of its ideas and challenge.  A five part challenge.  I blogged about it, read it here.
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I just read the newest book by John Grisham, The Racketeer, and I give you my opinion and we are watching the show on ABC: Last Resort.
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I have three books on my coffee table right now.  I plan to read each one to find more purpose in my life. Each is one that represents three of the four core areas of life:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Spiritual
The three books are:

Well, maybe the Dave Ramsey book isn’t directly related to and area, but it is a sub area. After all the area of finances is what drives most Americans.  After all, we spend four years in college to earn a degree to earn some money.  And most of don’t handle it very well once we get it.  This book teaches us how to handle money better, so I am re-reading it.

As for the other two books: Radical and Body For Life, are books that deal directly with Spiritual and Physical realms of life.  I did the Body for Life years ago and had remarkable results.  I am not feeling great physically, so I think it is time to jump start my system.  I took my blood pressure tonight, and it is too high.  I have gained some weight and it is time to get serious.

As for the book Radical, well I started reading it and quit, why?  Too challenging to me at the time.  I am in a dry place, spiritually speaking, so it is time to shake up my spiritual system too.

Where are you in these areas of your life?  Could you use a jump start?  Find a book, a system or create your own and shake it up.  If you don’t do it for yourself no one else will.  So here I go, I am eager to see what the future brings.  Come with me and see what you can do to change your life and gain more purpose in your life.

This is the second post in my JOBS series.

I narrowly escaped the fast food industry by a few hours when I was a junior in high school.  I had gotten a job at Wendy’s in my hometown of Aurora, Colorado.  I didn’t want to work there, but I had a friend who worked there and told me he could get me a job.  So I took it.  After I thought about it I instantly regretted it.  I didn’t want to work at Wendy’s I wanted to eat there.  So, I asked my then girlfriend if I she knew of any jobs at her place of employment: Target.

Much to my delight a job was open, the job of cart attendant.   Continue Reading…

Recently the big winner, or winners, of the latest Powerball jackpot were announced.  I heard there were three groups of winners.  The last group was near and dear to my heart as they were professional educators, teachers and administrators.  This last group didn’t want to be recognized, they preferred to be anonymous.  I think I would do it that way too, I mean why invite all the scrutiny and I’m sure my long-lost cousins would come from everywhere, so stay in the shadows. Continue Reading…

The winners have been announced and I believe there are three of them, or at least three groups.  They won a bunch of money, around $600 million.  As I posted a couple of weeks ago at, What Would You Do With $600 Million?, I told you I would let you know what I would do with it if I were to win it.  I have thought a lot about it and here goes:

Continue Reading…

Last week there was a mad rush to get to the nearest convenience store to purchase a lottery ticket – a ticket to freedom. I don’t know the latest numbers, but last I hear they were expecting the jackpot to be worth 640 million dollars. Wow! Now that is retirement money to be sure. I don’t play the lottery, not sure how you even do it, but it got me to thinking about why so many people were playing. Continue Reading…

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